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Devil May Cry is a famous adventure action game developed and published by Capcom. The game was originally named Resident Evil 4. After the publisher saw that it was not suitable for the Resident Evil franchise, they stopped the relationship with Resident Evil and returned to itself. Devil May Cry quickly stood out worldwide due to its appeal and prominence in the action genre. The game is highly difficult. It has got a good score and is considered the most influential action game of all time. At the moment, players can continue with the character Dante on an endless journey in Devil May Cry Mobile.

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The story

The whole story of Devil May Cry focuses on the character Dante with his efforts to avenge his mother’s killer by destroying the demons. In Dante’s story, he will encounter many other characters on the journey as a woman named Trish. She will lead Dante on a journey to defeat the demon lord Mundus. In each different part of the story, the player may encounter different situations. Since then, the parts also have many different turns, making Devil May Cry a rich story for players.

Addictive gameplay

Devil May Cry Mobile is still a powerful hack-and-slash action game, which was ported from PC to mobile. In the game, players will control the character to fight with many different enemies. Devil May Cry Mobile emphasizes ingenuity, strategy, and fighting style that allows players to experience a way of fighting in the real world. Also, it uses modern technology to capture movement, recreates the transformation of weapons, combos, demons and many other core systems. It helps Devil May Cry Mobile’s gameplay reach 100% real feeling. Devil May Cry Mobile includes levels called missions, where players will have to fight multiple enemies or puzzles. When fighting in normal form, the character can accumulate Devil Trigger points. After having full points, the player can turn Dante into a demon creature to enhance strength and get many other abilities.

Download Devil May Cry Mobile Apk obb for Android

The control mechanism

Devil May Cry Mobile will make changes to fit mobile devices. You can immediately see the control keys arranged on both sides of the screen. On the left is the key to help control and move the character in the direction. On the right, there are buttons to help characters perform special skills or movements. However, the feel of playing on the phone will remain well compared to many other action games. Players will still fight with quick manipulations. Also, the transformation of skills and shapes are impressive to bring enjoyment to everyone.

Great 3D graphics

Devil May Cry Mobile will be a super game on mobile devices with extremely quality graphics. Characters created by Capcom’s team for many years bring beautiful looks, cool images… The battle maps are also elaborately built with diverse and majestic landscapes. Modern cities with nice architecture make the matches more attractive.


Overall, Devil May Cry Mobile is an exciting game, which is a quality brand that has been loved by many players for many years. The appearance on mobile devices marks a strong return of Devil May Cry and Capcom developer brands. Please subscribe to our article to update the latest versions of the game. Thanks and have fun!

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