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Family Island Mod Apk for Android

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Family Island ™ – Farm game adventure is an interesting entertainment game. It is developed and provided by Melsoft Games. The game has a perfect combination of building, adventure and discovery. In the game, players will participate in discovering a new life far from modern technology equipment. Instead, you will join many natural activities and experience a new life. Family Island has a lot of unique things in tém of the story, gameplay and design. In this article, we bring you all the information about the game, as well as provide the link to download it for free. Let’s check it out right now!

Family Island Mod Apk for Android

The story

After a volcanic eruption, several cities were devastated, including the family of Bruce, Eva and their children. This family has been stuck on a remote island with many strange experiences. They do not have modern technology. You will be the one to help them rebuild a new city from the beginning, and find ways to connect them with their missing loved ones. The island looks like an ancient and mysterious world. Therefore, you need to be careful with what you do to build the city.

The gameplay

In Family Island, players will control four characters as family members at the same time. They will alternately participate in various activities such as exploiting resources, hunting, gathering… Family members will be able to coordinate with each other in activities. When you do something, you will consume energy points. These points will be restored when members are resting or eating.

Family Island Mod Apk for Android

Besides, Family Island will allow players to expand their lands and build structures. You will need to collect more resources to be able to upgrade the buildings to become more modern. When completing a job, you can get valuable experience points. Also, you will be promoted and can unlock more new things. Family Island offers leisurely gameplay, in which you need to relax and wait for your works to be completed. You can also use gems to boost the game’s progress.

The key features of Family Island on Android

  • Collecting: The ancient island will contain many different types of resources. Players will control 4 characters to collect the needed materials for their work. Each character will take on a different role in accordance with actual activities. For example, Bruce will participate in energetic activities such as digging stone, cutting trees… Eva will be the tailor and cooker.
  • Manufacturing: In Family Island, players will discover many special formulas of creating items. Most players can find them as resources on their island. Using these formulas effectively, you will be able to create the products for your family quickly.
  • Building: For development, the construction is indispensable. In Family Island, players will be guided to build the necessary works according to each level. The building process will take time so you will have to wait. In addition to building important works, players can build many more decoratetions.
  • Upgrade: The most important job in Family Island is upgrading. You will need to collect enough resources and reach the level needed to upgrade your buildings. After upgrading, they will be able to achieve greater production values.
  • Discover: The island where the Bruce family got lost was shrouded in mist. You start at a corner of this island. Therefore, there will be many new interesting places that you can discover.

The design of Family Island

Family Island was developed with modern technology, so the game image is beautiful. All landscapes are bright and varied colors. Besides, the characters are carefully invested with incredibly realistic movements and activities. Players can zoom in/out to see everything more easily. Also, Family Island offers a lot of beautiful and high-quality effects. The sounds of the game are gentle, which makes players relaxed. You can hear the sounds of nature during the game such as birds, water, wind and in-game activities. Players can wear headphones and feel the wonderful things that music brings.

Family Island Mod Apk for Android

Download Family Island Mod APK [Free Craft] for Android

Family Island is a free game, which you can download easily on Google Play. Besides, you can download it directly with the APK file in this article. Please make sure your network connection is stable before starting the download process to avoid unfortunate errors.


Family Island is a fascinating and fun game for all ages. It offers many advanced features of a typical construction game. If you are looking for a game for relaxation, Family Island is a perfect choice. The developer will constantly update the game with more interesting things. Readers can pin this post to update and download the latest version of the game. Thanks and have fun!

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