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Playrix is ​​a famous mobile game developer. Their games always attract millions of players around the world with a simple entertaining feature. Recently, Playrix developer has created and released a new game named Wildscapes. It is inspired by the familiar Match-3 gameplay. In the game, you have to match the items for decorating and developing a zoo. Besides, players can discover an interesting story, simple but addictive gameplay, beautiful graphics and lots of new features. In this article, we give you all the information about the game as well as provide the link to download the game for free. Let’s check it out right now!

Download Wildscapes Mod Apk for Android

The story

In Wildscapes, you will get an abandoned zoo, in which there are many lovely animals that need protection. You will play a kind person who solves the puzzles to get the work done in the game. You have to build cages for animals, building works and attracting more tourists to this place. After finishing tasks, you will be very interested in because you have saved animals and developed the zoo.

The addictive gameplay

Wildscapes are a great combination of a match-3 and construction style. In the game, you will play puzzles. After completing those puzzles, you can unlock more levels, buildings and more. Also, Wildscapes create some interesting things in Match-3 matches. You will see them unique and familiar. It would be a very special feeling. The game offers a wide variety of fruits so that players can match them together. You have to match at least 3 of the same fruits to create a small explosion and score points.

In addition, the match-3 game will be much more interesting when you can match more of the same fruits. If you can match more than 3 fruits, you can create a can of fruit soda or a swivel candy. Each of them will bring a special power with bigger explosions to help you get more points. If you match 5 identical fruits, you can create a basket of fruits or a bag of cakes. The things you get from the same 5 results will give you greater power and give you a lot more spectacular explosions. Moreover, players can combine those powers together to create a massive explosion and wipe out the fruit.

Download Wildscapes Mod Apk for Android

In the Wildscapes screen, you will have a certain number of turns. You need to solve the puzzle before the game ends. Otherwise, you will fail and have to play it again. However, every time you replay, you will lose a life. You can wait for these lives to automatically recover over time or buy them from the store.

Also, Wildscapes have many novelties in building and developing the zoo. Players can shop for land, buildings and many animals in the game. The higher your level is, the more items you can unlock. Wildscapes players can also interact directly with guests or animals in the game.

The key features

  • Interesting gameplay: Enjoy your favourite gameplay by beating match-3 levels to build and restore the zoo. You can match juicy fruits to complete unique tasks in the game.
  • Diverse locations and buildings: A lot of different areas in this game have not been unlocked. You need to gradually explore them to be able to build new buildings. Also, gamers can add a lot of special items like trees, houses, barns, statues… to make the zoo more beautiful.
  • Lovely animals: There are many kinds of precious and lovely animals like pandas, ducks… They will be reproduced in true and detailed in Wildscapes. This is the most attractive features for all players.
  • Quality graphics: Wildscapes still use simple cartoon style but very attractive to players. High-quality images and diverse colours will help players always interested in the game. Besides, the nice effects and outstanding music also make players immerse in the world of Wildscapes for hours without feeling tired.

Download Wildscapes Mod Apk for Android

Download and install Wildscapes Mod Apk for Android

Wildscapes are free for all players in the world. You can download the game with the link at the end of this article. Then, you can refer to the steps below to install this game:

  • Remove the old version of the game on your phone.
  • Allow installation from unknown sources: Phone settings – Security – Turn on “Unknown Sources”.
  • Click the Wildscapes APK file and select “Install” to start the installation process.
  • Wait for the installation to complete and enjoy the game.


Wildscapes is a unique match-3 game with interesting gameplay, lovely images and many new features. It is suitable for you to get a relaxing moment anywhere at any time. Readers can download the game at the link below. If you have any question about the game, please leave a comment below. Do not forget to visit our website regularly for more interesting games and apps! Thanks and have fun!

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