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GTA: Vice City MOD APK + OBB v1.12 (Unlimited Money/Mod Menu)

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
App Name Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Latest Version v.1.12
Last Updated
Publisher Rockstar Games
Requirements Android 7.0 Android 7.0
Category Arcade Arcade
Size 980 MB
Mods Unlimited Money/Mod Menu
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4 Rating (8) Votes

4 Rating (8 Votes )
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Welcome back to Vice City. Welcome back to the 1980s.

GTA: Vice City was in Vice City in 1986, a fictional city in Miami. Its story revolves around Tommy Vercetti, a mafia guy who was released from prison. After a failed drug transaction, Tommy needed to track down who was responsible for this. Also, he was trying to build a criminal empire of his own. Like other versions in the GTA series, Vice City will provide gamers with many familiar elements, such as shooting, racing and open-world.

GTA: Vice City MOD APK

About GTA Vice City

The game was developed by Rockstar North in the UK and published by Rockstar Games. It is mainly inspired by American culture in the 1980s. Besides, GTA: Vice City allows players to experience the best moments in criminal life. A variety of interesting missions will appear in front of your eyes. You will have a total of over 60 main missions, like going to steal, blackmail, shoot, and take part in the criminal transaction. The game has a story mode and the main quest, which also gives players the opportunity to go through a beautiful city and participate in many activities and missions.

The gameplay

GTA Vice City has a pretty long interesting story. In the game, everything is built in a fantasy city called Vice City. The player plays the role of a character and starts an adventurous life in this violent world. The difficult tasks revolving around the game’s story will appear to require the player to complete it. You can also choose to play more freely by wandering around the vast cities and doing whatever you like. With GTA Vice City, you can become a good or a bad guy if you want. The life of a good person is probably quite boring. Normally, most people choose to become a bad person once in their life. You will fight many others in the city and defeat them to receive money and weapons. Your criminal acts will also be noticed by the police. That means you have to fight the police too.

The controls mechanism of GTA Vice City is also very basic with virtual control keys. You can click on them and perform actions like many other games. On the left, they are navigation keys, which you can hold and drag in the direction you want. On the right, there will be the keystrokes with action and character actions such as attack, run, jump… GTA Vice City will not focus too much on fighting skills. Instead, it focuses on adventure and discovering many interesting things in the city. GTA Vice City is also well-search on the gaming market. Its gameplay is somewhat easier because it provides unlimited health and life for players. You can destroy, fight and do everything without fear of death. Your game will take place continuously with many attractions are still waiting for you.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Mod APK OBB Gameplay

Key features

  • Large city: GTA Vice City was built from the fictional Vice City, which has a huge area with many houses, people, vehicles… They work in a way bustling and interacting with characters very well. In addition, there are many themes borrowed from popular dramas such as Miami Vice, Scarface, Carlito’s Way and Blow.
  • Mission: GTA Vice City offers about 60 different missions according to the game’s story. You will be able to gradually complete these missions and explore new places and dangerous enemies.
  • Means of transportation: Referring to GTA games, we have to mention the means of transportation. You will be the one who controls them and participates in fun activities in the game. Certainly, whoever plays GTA has to do street racing. With about 114 different types of vehicles classified into several categories such as Four-seat Cars, Two-seat Cars, Aircraft, Public-utility Vehicles…, the game will satisfy racing lovers in GTA.
  • Graphics: GTA Vice City also has great graphics, character models and lighting effects. You can also customize the game’s graphics to match the device. It will contribute to enhancing the smoothness and gaming experience for the game.
  • No health restrictions: The most exciting feature that GTA Vice City brings is unlimited life and health for the in-game characters. You will never be afraid of being taken down by police or enemies.
  • Language: GTA Vice City supports quite a lot of common languages ​​like English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Korean and Japanese. You can choose the language you understand best to discover the story of the game most thoroughly.

The main tasks in GTA: Vice City

To be able to overcome the whole game, players need to complete a lot of tasks, including main and side missions. For new players, they may get lost in a dangerous world without knowing the mission system. After completing each main task, you can get rewards and open the new one in sequence. Please see the main tasks below:

An Old Friend

In the game, the main character is Tommy Vercetti, who has just completed a 15-year prison term and returned to Liberty City. But Sonny, Tommy’s boss, pushed him to Vice City to make another drug deal and failed. The first task of the player is to take Tommy to the Ocean View Hotel and call Sonny Forelli to inform him that that the deal has failed.

The Party

At this time, Tommy went to Ken Rosenberg’s office and was asked to attend Colonel Juan Cortez’s party. Rafael’s shop will give you a cool outfit and motorcycle. You can use it to navigate to the pink highlighted spot on the map, which the party location. After meeting Cortez, you will be introduced to Mercedes, who is Cortez’s daughter. She will take you on a tour of the yacht then she will want you to take her to the Pole Position Club. You can choose a car and satisfy her. That is the task you need to do. After finishing the mission, you will receive $ 100.

Back Alley Brawl

In this mission, Tommy has to go to the Malibu Club nightclub to meet Kent Paul for more information. He got information about Leo Teal and was attacked. After killing Leo and taking his phone, Tommy met Lance Vance who was looking for Leo. You were all chased and escaped. After going to Ammu – Nation gun store, you can only buy 2 guns. After that, you can keep on the bus and go to the hotel to finish the mission.

Jury Fury

In this mission, gamers must threaten the two judges in a case, pick up the sledgehammer of a nearby worker and drive to the location with two yellow dots – 2 cars. At this point, you have to break them down so you can complete this mission.


This mission is to disrupt a transportation company, damage their assets. First, players go to Rafael to buy a suit. Then, you go to the pink dot on the radar, take down 4 workers in this area. If you have a weapon, you can destroy the gas tanks in this area or defeat the guards and take their weapons. Besides, there is a car that does not explode. Please take a gun to fire continuously until it is completely destroyed.

Two Bit Hit

To create a conflict between the gangs Cubans and Hantians, Tommy needs to go to the fashion shop on the map to dress up. After that, you can go to the area with the pink dot, stop the boss’s car and give him a grenade. If he ran away, you could choose a car to chase him.

Treacherous Swine

In this mission, you have to destroy Gonzalez on the spot. If he runs out, you should find a car and get him in to do your duty. The police will appear after you kill him. At this point, you have to run to Pay ‘n’ Spray to escape the chase and complete the task.

Mall Shootout

In this mission, Cortez asked Tommy to go to a triangular place on the map and take the chip from the hands of a stranger. But the appointment is monitored and Tommy was forced to kill the delivery guy to get the chip back to the boss. Gamers have to use the car to chase the delivery guy, crush into him and take the chip back.

Guardian Angels

A transaction is about to take place, so players have to go to the parking lot to get guns, meet Lance and go to the pink dot to see Diaz. Also, your task is to protect this person and the money in the deal. In this mission, gamers can use your gun, along with Lance to destroy the bandits who are planning to attack. Two men will suddenly appear and steal money from Diaz. At this point, you chase them and take money back to Diaz to be able to complete the mission.

Sir, Yes Sir!

There is a pretty crazy task that Cortez gave to Tommy. In which, you have to rob the tank and drive it to the brothel before it self-destructs. You go buy some weapons very quickly then choose a vehicle and go to the yellow dot area. Here, gamers have to kill all the guys, climb the tank and go to the pink dot. After finishing everything, you complete your mission.

All Hands On Deck!

The last mission before Tommy moved to work for another boss. This is a breathtaking action but extremely great if you feel bored of limbs. Cortez goes abroad by boat and asks Tommy to protect him. Besides, gamers need to protect the side and behind the ship. Then, you shoot down some planes. Finally, you have to shoot down an Apache and go ahead. After you have blasted all the other ships to make way for Cortez, the mission will be over.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Mod APK OBB Wellcome Back

Download GTA: Vice City MOD APK + OBB for Android

GTA: Vice City is an exciting game with long development. It has been viewed by many players as a monument to the GTA genre. Now it is available for smartphones that you should not miss. We will also share the link to download Grand Theft Auto: Vice City including the original APK, MOD version and OBB data file. They will be complete so you can get this game fully. Download GTA: Vice City MOD APK along with the game’s OBB data file at the end of this article. If there are any problems with downloading the game, you can leave a comment below. We will fix it quickly. Have a fun game!

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