Minecraft MOD APK v1.20.50.20 [Immortality]

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Mods Immortality
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5 Rating (2 Votes )
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Minecraft MOD APK is a modified version of Minecraft developed by Mojang. The MOD feature is Immortality. Download link is available below!

Minecraft is a highly entertaining game, which is loved by tens of millions of gamers worldwide. It has created a wave for Minecraft-style games. This is a game designed according to the interesting box model. Minecraft has creative gameplay that allows players to freely collect and build things. Besides, the players can also challenge themselves in many special modes along with the advanced features, which you can hardly find in any game. Minecraft is likely to be an iconic game that can hardly be forgotten with all players for tens of years later.

About Minecraft, it is an independent video game built with an open world. It was originally created by Markus Persson (a Swedish programmer) and then it was further developed and published by Mojang for many different platforms. In 2014, Microsoft decided to buy Mojang for $ 2.5 billion. This means that Microsoft is currently the copyright holder for this exciting game. Also, the Android platform is a platform that this game aims at right away from development with lots of interesting versions. One of those favourite multiplayer versions is Minecraft Pocket Edition (Minecraft PE). In this article, I will introduce you to this version of the game. In addition, I also share the link for you to download the different versions of Minecraft.

Introducing Minecraft

The creative gameplay

Minecraft is a very large open world game that does not give the players any specific goal. That means you have to choose your way of playing. However, there is an achievement system that helps you have some effort in playing to get some targets. Besides, the game world is mostly blocking style that is stacked together everywhere. Players can rely on their colours to distinguish different types of materials such as soil, wood, ore, etc. These blocks can only stay in a certain position. Players will be able to collect them and bring them to other places to build anything.

At the beginning of the game, gamers will be taken to a random land with everything unspoiled. Here, there are many different types of terrain such as plains, hills, forests, gulf, etc. Besides, players can also encounter many different creatures such as cattle, people, Monsters… Of which, the ordinary cattle can be seen during the day that you can hunt them to collect materials. Monsters like spiders, skeletons and zombies often appear at night that can be dangerous for players.

The control of Minecraft is quite simple with the controls right on the screen. Some toolbars are also displayed for players to freely use. Besides, the game’s physical system is judged to be unrealistic that you need to understand this when playing. For example, boxes will not be affected by gravity. In the game, you can bring them up as much as you want. Sometimes, the complex systems can be controlled with just a simple electrical diagram. From there, you can create things beyond your imagination.

The attractive game modes

Survival mode: This is a basic game mode that Minecraft brings to players. In which, gamers have to search for natural resources and many other things to survive. Besides, they need to find shelter because dangerous monsters are everywhere. This mode will have a blood bar to show the player’s survivability. You can lose blood when engaging in dangerous activities like falling into lava, suffocating, hungry, etc. However, players can create their own craft items from the available things. From there, the player can protect and survive in that harsh world. Moreover, gamers can grow for their characters by levelling up. The higher the level is, the more powerful weapons you can build and more special effects that you will have. The highest goal of this mode is to defeat Ender Dragon and Wither boss.

Creative mode: This mode will be much easier to play. You will immediately get all the resources and tools. After that, you can create or break everything right away. Besides, the player also has the ability to freely fly everywhere without being killed by any cause. This mode is created so that players can get ideas for large-scale projects with a lot of resources.

Multiplayer: This mode allows players to play with friends. Everyone will join and collaborate to create a bigger and more beautiful project. However, this mode will require you to have an account to search for friends through servers. It will be quite attractive to bring more fun with friends.

What’s in Minecraft MOD?

Minecraft has many different special versions, each of which has its own specificity. Minecraft is a small version in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition from Minecraft. It is released for many different platforms and written in C ++ programming language. The latest version of Minecraft offers many advantages as soon as you play. Specifically, you will not need to wait to unlock the materials. Also, you will get more power when using the Mega Mod version like Unlimited breath, Max Inventory Size, 1 hit kill with weapons, Max score… These advantages make Minecraft more and more popular, which is interested in by all gamers worldwide.

Download Minecraft MOD APK for android

Overall, Minecraft is a fascinating game that you should not miss. It has been appreciated by many players. So far, this game has been very popular. In this post, we share with you a modified version of the game named Minecraft Mod Apk, in which you will get many advantages from the beginning. You can click on the link below to download the version you want. Don’t forget to rate this game if you find it interesting. Thanks and have a fun game!

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