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Idle Stickman is a popular idle action game on mobile phones. Many people know Stickman like a mannequin simulating human form. They can act like a human. In this game, you will play the role of a captain of a Stickman team. You will fight with many powerful enemies to collect money and valuable rewards. After that, you can continue to build a stronger Stickman army. Idle Stickman has simple gameplay, unique graphics and many other attractive features. In this article, I will give you all the information about the game as well as provide the link to download it for free.

Download Idle Stickman Mod Apk for Android

Simple gameplay

Idle Stickman offers familiar idle gameplay. However, it will still have unique ideas that will appeal to players. You will start the game with the first Stickman, which will be placed in a tunnel with many enemies. Stickman will use the weapons to attack and try to destroy the enemies. When the enemies are defeated, you will receive valuable bonuses. Moreover, you can use that bonus to unlock new tunnels with new Stickman and harder challenges. Besides, gamers can also use your rewards to upgrade the Stickman for more power.

When you upgrade Stickman, the speed of using their weapons will greatly increase. At that time, the enemy will be defeated more quickly, as well as, the money will come to you more. Also, you have to level up to reach the necessary levels and unlock new tunnels. Idle Stickman also provides many powerful bosses. You will call the whole Stickman team to fight with that boss and receive amazing rewards.

In Idle Stickman, there is a tip for new players to help make your game faster: You will continuously click on the screen so that the Stickman can shoot faster. Make use of your fingers to quickly gain levels and many rewards for you.

Download Idle Stickman Mod Apk for Android

Discover Stickman

In Idle Stickman, each gate will be guarded by a different Stickman. Stickmen are randomly unlocked through the game. Each Stickman will have different design styles that bring a lot of appeal to players. After you upgrade Stickman to the maximum level, you can also use Prestige to help the Stickman become perfect and more beautiful. However, to use Prestige, you need to see ads to support the developer.

Discover new weapons

In addition to providing new Stickman, the new weapons will be something that many players are interested in. These weapons will accompany the unlocked Stickman. You will receive them right after level up. Also, the weapons will be improved through the levels. The higher the level is, the more modern the weapons will be.

Unique design

Graphics are not a strong point of Idle Stickman. However, it is still good enough to impress players. You will see the Stickman appear perfectly in 2D graphics with many powerful weapons. The way the game works is also extremely quick and smooth to help every player have a good experience about it. Idle Stickman will be a game to try for players who like to get fast-paced gameplay.

Download Idle Stickman Mod Apk for Android

How to download Idle Stickman Mod APK [Unlimited Money/No Ads] for Android?

Idle Stickman is a simple game suitable for most mobile devices. It also has light capacity suitable for quick download. You can download Idle Stickman Mod Apk for free at the link at the end of this article.

Steps to install Idle Stickman Mod Apk:

  • Remove the old version on your phone if it is available.
  • Click the Mod Apk file and select “Install” to install. If your phone requires installation from an unknown source, please agree and activate it for Idle Stickman.
  • Return to the game installation interface and click again on “Install” to automatically install.


Idle Stickman is a quite attractive game for players who love Stickman characters. It offers quick and simple gameplay. In this article, we also provide you with Idle Stickman Mod Apk. This is a modified version of the game, which gives you more advanced features than in the original version. If you have any question about the game, please leave a comment below. Do not forget to visit our website for more interesting games and apps! Thanks and have fun!

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