My Talking Tom v6.3.4.970 [MOD, Unlimited Coins]

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Since childhood, many of us have had fun with pets in the home. Sometimes, your parents do not allow you to have a pet, so you will rarely meet them and have fun with them. With this idea, manufacturer Outfit7 created the game My Talking Tom. It has become one of the most popular games in the world. In this virtual world, you will have the responsibility to take care of the cute cat named Tom. To raise him, you will do many activities such as feeding, playing, cleaning and many other exciting things for him.

My Talking Tom is a completely free game, which was widely released to all countries at the beginning of the boom of mobile games. You can almost see it on all mobile devices. Up to now, this game is still a great attraction for pet lovers. In addition, we would like to give you a modified version of this game called My Talking Tom Mod Apk in this article. This is a special version with additional unlocking features to help you take care of Tom easier. Besides, we will give you all the information about its gameplay, key features and the download links. If you are interested in My Talking Tom Mod Apk, please join us at the end of the article.

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My Talking Tom Mod APK

How to play My Talking Tom Mod Apk

For many players, taking care of Tom has become a daily and very familiar job. In the game, you will take care of Tomcat according to his indicators such as fun, eating, hygiene and sleep. These four elements will be displayed in circular icons which you need to constantly make these elements satisfied with in-game activities.

  • Joy: To increase the joy indicators of Tomcat, you have to play with him. By playing interesting games designed with Tom, you will greatly increase the joy of Tom.
  • Eating and drinking: You will need to feed Tom cat constantly so that it can continuously grow well. You can buy more food in the store.
  • Cleaning: Tom will also need basic bathing activities. In which, you can bathe the cat Tom whenever it feels dirty.
  • Sleeping: Tomcat will also need to rest after a hard day of activity. In the bedroom, you just turn off the light to let him go to bed.

In My Talking Tom Mod Apk, each of your activities brings certain experience points to your cat. This will help Tomcat gradually level up. The higher the level is, the more new features you can unlock. My Talking Tom Mod Apk will have much simpler gameplay when the game’s currency features are unlocked. You will get a lot of gold and diamonds for shopping. You can buy in-game items, medicines, new costumes,… to ensure Tomcat can grow continuously.

My Talking Tom Mod APK

My Talking Tom Mod Apk is free, so it is necessary for developers Outfit7 to add ads to the game for making money. If you want to support Tomcat developer, you can watch those ads. If you find them very troublesome, you can remove them by disconnecting the network connection when playing My Talking Tom Mod Apk.

Key features of My Talking Tom Mod Apk for Android

  • Voice recording and repeating: This is the great feature that you can speak directly to your phone, and Tom will catch and repeat your voice with a cute accent, which will make you laugh.
  • Many mini-games inside My Talking Tom Mod Apk: In addition to the daily activities, you can play many mini-games to get more coins and experience points.
  • Beautiful graphics: My Talking Tom Mod Apk is designed with beautiful graphics, cute and HD quality images. The operations organization of the game is very simple and reasonable.
  • Real pet caring feelings: The game provides the players with the most authentic feeling in taking care of the pet. It also makes the parent not to worry about the harmful of real pets.
  • Diverse costume collection: In the game, you can buy a lot of the equipment and costumes according to the level of Tomcat. You will see Tomcat surprisingly changes in his style, which makes you very interested in.
  • Travelling: You can use travel tickets to travel to any location in the world. Each location will have a unique background. You can take pictures and save them in your game.

My Talking Tom Mod APK

Download and install My Talking Tom Mod Apk for free on Android

My Talking Tom is a free game released for smartphones. We will also share the Mod Apk version of this game for free. Because My Talking Tom Mod Apk is not available on Google Play, you have to download and install this game manually. The link to download My Talking Tom Mod Apk directly will be available at the end of this article.

How to install My Talking Tom Mod Apk:

  1. Download the latest version of My Talking Tom Mod Apk.
  2. Remove the old version of the game on your mobile device.
  3. Activate an unknown source on your phone by going to phone settings> Security> Turn on Unknown Sources.
  4. Go back to My Talking Tom Mod Apk download folder and click the APK file to install the game.
  5. Wait for the installation process to complete and enjoy the game.


Generally, My Talking Tom Mod Apk is a leading game in this genre. It has beautiful graphics, vibrant sound and many attractive features which make you interested in. You can download My Talking Tom Mod Apk and start taking care of Tomcat in your spare time. We hope that Tom will bring laughter to you. Please visit our ModAndroidAPK Blog to update more of the latest APK MOD versions of this game and other games. Thanks and have a fun game!

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