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Project Makeover MOD APK v2.80.1 (Unlimited Money/Diamonds)

Project Makeover
App Name Project Makeover
Latest Version v.2.80.1
Last Updated
Publisher Magic Tavern Inc
Requirements Android 5.1 Android 5.1
Category Casual Casual
Size 202 MB
Mods Unlimited Money/Diamonds
Google Playstore

4.4 Rating (730) Votes

4.4 Rating (730 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Enliven dramatic clients with chic clothes, hairstyles, makeup and furnitures.


If you harbor a passion for giving transformative makeovers and possess a keen eye for fashion and design, then Project Makeover MOD APK is the game tailor-made for you. Dive into a world where your creative prowess takes center stage, as you revamp appearances, style icons, and navigate the glamorous yet challenging universe of makeovers. Unleash your inner designer and make a mark in the expansive realm of Project Makeover’s unique challenges, catering to pop stars, fashion icons, and celebrities who are craving your expert touch.

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Why Project Makeover MOD APK Dominates the Charts

Casual and Random Appeal

Project Makeover MOD APK didn’t just top the charts; it dominated them within the first four days of its release. The game’s addictive nature lies in its casual and random approach. Unlike intricate strategy-based games, Project Makeover offers a laid-back gaming experience. There’s minimal planning involved, no need for team coordination, and no specific winning strategy to follow. The game’s easygoing vibe ensures that players can be instant winners by showcasing their creativity and crafting delightful makeovers.

Endorsement from the Creator

Charlie Gu, the mastermind behind Project Makeover, shares insights into the game’s success. He emphasizes the challenge of seamlessly integrating elements like people, hairstyles, makeup, clothing, decoration, main story, background story, social interactions, and match-three experiences. The game’s brilliance lies in avoiding the pitfalls of becoming a chaotic mix of disparate elements. Casual players find the game engaging, a testament to the thoughtful design that aligns with player preferences.

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Genesis of Project Makeover

Inspired by popular shows like “Queer Eye” and “Extreme Makeover,” Project Makeover MOD APK draws from the essence of life-altering transformations seen on television. The creators envisioned a game where players could step into the shoes of makeover experts, reshaping the lives and appearances of virtual contestants. The familiarity of this premise resonates with audiences familiar with makeover-themed shows.

Delving into the Storyline

Channeling the spirit of “The Devil Wears Prada,” Project Makeover MOD APK immerses players in a creator studio. Tasked with collaborating with experts in hair and makeup, fashion, and interior design, players become the all-knowing demi-god of aesthetics. The challenge lies in orchestrating a seamless transformation, guiding clients through a metamorphosis that spans appearance, wardrobe, and living spaces.

While the concept may sound straightforward, Project Makeover MOD APK injects a dose of reality by presenting temperamental customers. Patience becomes a virtue as players contend with demanding clients, each with unique expectations and attitudes. The game strategically tests the limits of your services, challenging you to maintain composure and deliver impeccable makeovers despite the obstacles.

The Unpredictable Game Dynamics

Project Makeover MOD APK stands out for its unpredictable game dynamics. Unlike games with discernible patterns and strategies, this game thrives on randomness. Clients’ requirements are entirely based on their appearances and the vibes they exude, keeping players on their toes. This unpredictability has contributed to the game’s massive success, surpassing 5 million downloads within weeks of its Play Store debut and now boasting over 25 million downloads worldwide.

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Intriguing Puzzles and Rewards

As if the allure of makeovers isn’t enough, Project Makeover MOD APK introduces casual puzzles packed with enticing rewards. Solving these puzzles earns you coins, which can be splurged on premium clothing, makeup, and eccentric furniture. While real-life money can expedite these purchases, the game strikes a balance that keeps players content. The more premium items incorporated into makeovers, the higher the scores, creating a symbiotic exchange that elevates the gaming experience.


Project Makeover MOD APK transcends the conventional gaming landscape, offering a refreshing blend of creativity, unpredictability, and transformative makeovers. Its widespread acclaim and millions of downloads testify to its universal appeal. Whether you’re a casual gamer or a makeover enthusiast, this game promises an enjoyable escapade into the world of fashion, design, and limitless creativity. Embrace the transformative journey, download the APK via the link below, and immerse yourself in the fan-favorite world of Project Makeover.

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