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PUBG NEW STATE APK OBB v0.9.56.548 (MOD Menu, No Recoil)

App Name NEW STATE Mobile
Latest Version v.
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Publisher KRAFTON Inc
Requirements Android 6.0 Android 6.0
Category Action Action
Size 1.3 GB
Mods Menu, No Recoil
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3.2 Rating (72) Votes

3.2 Rating (72 Votes )
Price: $ 0
NEW STATE Mobile offers the original Battle Royale experience of PUBG on mobile


Brought to you by the masterminds behind the renowned PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS, PUBG NEW STATE MOD APK sets a new standard in mobile gaming. Crafted by PUBG Studio, this exhilarating mod bursts onto the scene with revamped gameplay, enhanced graphics, additional characters, captivating storylines, and an array of upgraded items. PUBG NEW STATE APK is a formidable contender in the gaming arena, and we are here to illustrate why it’s a must-download. In this gripping rendition, you commence with 100 players, each determined to be the last standing warrior. Engage in scavenging, shooting, combat, and strategic maneuvers to outlast the other 99 contenders and emerge victoriously in this thrilling war game. Arm yourself with diverse armor, weaponry, vehicles, and consumables to secure your dominance, ensuring you remain the ultimate survivor.

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Features to Marvel At

What captivates users about PUBG NEW STATE APK is the utilization of ultra-realistic graphics by its creators. Fueled by the acclaimed “global illumination” technology, this survival game sets a new benchmark for mobile applications. The game unfolds in a visually stunning manner, with realistic fighting scenes, picturesque landscapes, intricately designed items, and meticulously crafted firearms that may prompt a double take. The expansive battleground retains the beloved open-world layout, offering players the freedom to explore, traverse, drive, and devise diverse strategies to outmaneuver opponents. This integration ensures an unparalleled PUBG experience, easily accessible on a wide range of mobile devices.

Action-Focused Interaction

Before delving deeper into PUBG NEW STATE APK, let’s shine a spotlight on its gunplay, executed with grandeur. The game’s “gunplay,” as termed by developers, is expertly designed for maximum mobile fun. Ergonomic controls complement the variety of firearms, delivering an enriching gaming experience. The PUBG attachment systems allow full customization of guns and their specifications, ensuring you enter the battleground armed with a fully optimized weapon. Bid farewell to entering battles with underdeveloped weaponry – PUBG NEW STATE APK goes the extra mile for you. Don’t miss out on this game-changing feature!

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Gameplay That Speaks Volumes

No exaggeration here. PUBG NEW STATE APK offers next-generation interactive gameplay that elevates player interactions to unprecedented levels. Unique mechanics introduced in the mod redefine player engagement. With the download of this new mod, enjoy the ability to dodge, make drone calls, and request support from fellow fighters in perilous situations. While their assistance is voluntary, you have complete control over making the call. Take charge and demonstrate your prowess. When the expansive 8×8 open world feels overwhelming, leverage the array of new vehicles introduced in the mod. These vehicles facilitate swift movement between targets, minimizing the risk of detection by adversaries. In-game objectives provide direction, ensuring you’re not wandering aimlessly. Accomplish various goals for a truly exceptional and consistently thrilling experience, accessible each time you respawn.

Larger, Wider, Better

Responding to fervent requests from the base game’s enthusiasts, developers expanded the universe substantially. The PUBG NEW STATE APK unfolds in the tumultuous year 2051, introducing a brand-new battleground to showcase your survival skills. Set decades after the original storyline, this expansive dimension intensifies the challenges, offering heightened senses and sharpened skills. Rally your friends, make adversaries, form a team, and seize the extensive playing fields that only get better with every move.


System Requirements PUBG NEW STATE APK

Concerns about device compatibility have been raised, but fear not – the requirements are modest. While phones may experience slight heating during prolonged PUBG sessions, it poses no significant harm. All that’s needed is a robust operating system, preferably up-to-date with the latest updates, and a healthy dose of determination. The rest unfolds naturally as you progress through the game. A word of caution – this game is suitable for teens and older audiences, given its depiction of violence, including blood and other potentially disturbing elements. If this aligns with your preferences, unleash your aggression in the most pacifying manner possible. Team up, forge friendships, and eliminate adversaries – the perfect recipe for an unforgettable gaming experience. For those ready to embrace the latest version of PUBG NEW STATE APK, we recommend following the download link below. Trust us; the experience is well worth it!

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