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Love is a kind of emotion and psychological state that comes strongly from the human. Most people will want to have their love but not everyone can find the right people. Now, you can start to experience the love story like the main characters of romantic movies through any means, especially through the mobile game. Today, we would like to bring you such an interesting game named Tabou Stories: Love Episodes. This is a simulation game from the developer Nanobit, which will be a great choice that you should not miss. Please join us to check it right now!

The gameplay

Nanobit is an experienced developer in making games about love. Their games have usually received the huge attention of tens of millions of players around the world. Tabou Stories: Love Episodes will also be a series game and inherit the most interesting things in terms of the gameplay. In the game, players will transform into many different characters according to each different story. You will control the character and give decisions to guide the story. Also, your feelings will be developed in many ways. When the story ends, gamers will be the master of destiny with happiness.

Download Tabou Stories: Love Episodes Apk Mod for Android

Develop many relationships

In Tabou Stories: Love Episodes, players will have many different relationships. This game has many different stories, so you will have different relations. For example, in Matchmaker, you are a girl who wants to flirt with celebrities; in Darling, you will be a college girl. Besides, you can also meet many different classes in society. Players will learn how to communicate with the relationships that appear in this game. If you feel that the relationship is not suitable, you can immediately stop. Otherwise, you can continue to develop it and see how the relationship ends.

Wear your most favorite outfit

The appearance of the characters in Tabou Stories: Love Episodes is quite interesting. There are many special outfits to suit the different situations in the game. Also, it will depend a lot on the relationships that the player is aiming for. If you want to seduce a guy, you can choose sexy outfits. If you want to have a serious relationship, you will have more serious outfits. Besides, players can also change the avatar in the game to better fit the mood and story.

Download Tabou Stories: Love Episodes Apk Mod for Android

Beautiful design

Tabou Stories: Love Episodes is not a 3D graphics game with flexible characters. Instead, it has fixed images. But that does not detract from its beauty and appeal. Each character will have a lot of ways to create images, different costumes with captivating seductive drawings. Besides, players will experience many romantic scenes that bring as many emotions as the city at night with moonlight or starry sky.


Overall, Tabou Stories: Love Episodes is an engaging game for those who want to experience love. It offers compelling features for simulating life and relationships. You can develop the story yourself in different ways and get sweet endings. In this article, we want to bring you the link to download the game for free. Don’t forget to share and review Tabou Stories: Love Episodes if you find it interesting. Thanks and have fun!

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