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Brawlhalla is an attractive fighting game from Blue Mammoth Games. It is one of the most exciting games in the market today. At the moment, the game is available on various platforms such as PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. In March 2018, the game publisher Ubisoft purchased Blue Mammoth Games. However, the game Brawlhalla is still an old brand from the developer Blue Mammoth Games. With strong development policies, Ubisoft always wants to bring attractive games to mobile devices. They have not missed this fascinating game, and it is coming to mobile devices with the name Brawlhalla Mobile. It promises to bring a lot of exciting things to millions of players.

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Introducing Brawlhalla

The gameplay

Brawlhalla Mobile has an interesting action game, in which your main task is to knock their opponent off the ring. By moving and attacking continuously, you can create intensive and engaging combat situations. Besides, players can collect weapons appearing randomly on the map. When you attack opponents, the damage will be displayed in white or red color. The closer the color to red, the greater the risk of being knocked out of the ring. Being knocked out of the arena will cause the player to lose their life.

Besides, Brawlhalla Mobile is well optimized for mobile devices in terms of the control mechanism. In the game, players can control the character simply by pressing on the phone screen. The control will include many different operations, such as moving, attacking, picking up weapons, dodging and more. Players will need to combine those actions well during the battle to gain an advantage over their opponents.

The game mode

Brawlhalla Mobile supports both offline and online games with many game modes. You can compete 1vs1 to climb the rankings or team up with another player for more fun. Some standard modes of Brawlhalla Mobile include Free-For-All, Strikeout, Experimental. Moreover, the game creates a special mode weekly. Each game mode will have a different number of players and combat missions. For example, the Free-For-All mode will be a chaotic battle, in which four players will fight to gain points. The player with the most points will win the final.

Download Brawlhalla Mobile Apk Obb for Android

The character

Brawlhalla Mobile brings all the characters as on the PC version. Each character will have unique stories and abilities. In Brawlhalla Mobile, the character will have diverse indicators such as attacks, attack speed, defense, movement. You will not see any strongest character because all of them will be perfectly balanced. Each character will be able to use 2 different weapons in the list of 12 weapons.

The weapons

Brawlhalla Mobile has 12 different weapons, which are randomly provided during the battles. So, the player can freely collect them. With some interesting mechanisms like you can throw that weapon, or weapons can be dropped when attacked too hard. Please see the weapons list below:

  • Axe: This is a heavy weapon with a low attack speed but a powerful attack.
  • Blasters: This kind of weapon is like a dual-barrel gun with bullets.
  • Bow: a long-range weapon with moderate attack speed and medium damage.
  • Cannon: A heavy weapon similar to Ax with the powerful shoot.
  • Gauntlets: A fast weapon, with close range, high attack speed but relatively low damage.
  • Grapple Hammer: This is a bulky weapon with lots of power and many interesting properties.
  • Orb: A weapon developed based on unique magic controlled by quick attacks.
  • Katars: This is a new weapon with two cutlery blades, which has a unique attack.
  • Rocket Lance: A heavy weapon with a lot of power. It is suitable for aerial combat situations.
  • Scythe: This weapon is designed to resemble the scythe of death. It possesses many good effects.
  • Spear: This is a fast weapon with a better range than other melee weapons.
  • Sword: a weapon with good melee attacks and stable power.

Download Brawlhalla Mobile Apk Obb for Android

Beautiful design

Brawlhalla Mobile was developed with modern technology suitable for many mobile devices. However, the game still holds the friendliness in a simplest 2D design. Players will experience battles with fast-paced and smooth. Although the game has 2D graphics, the effects are extremely prominent such as fighting, using weapons… They make the game more attractive. Also, Brawlhalla Mobile venues have been shaped in a new way. Those are not flat arenas but will be the arena of life and death with many unexpected dangers.


Brawlhalla Mobile is a fascinating action game, where you will become the greatest warriors in history. You will fight and prove who the best. Each match will be a special test of strength and skills. Brawlhalla Mobile will have lots of new updates in the future. If you are interested in the game, please pin this article to download the latest versions of Brawlhalla Mobile APK in the future. Thanks and have fun!

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