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Assassins are always interesting characters with extreme fighting ability. They are hired to perform the difficult tasks of assassination, intrusion… However, these are not very beautiful characters but have received the admiration of so many people. Today, we would like to bring you a great assassin game named Hunter Assassin from the developer Ruby Game Studio. It will be a fun experience for tactical action game lovers.

The gameplay

In Hunter Assassin, the player will own an assassin who can use the knife very well. You have to control him to go through many terrains and kill many opponents with guns. Your enemies will move in narrow areas, and you need to wriggle to defeat them silently. If they detected you, you would probably be shot down, and the mission will be failed. Besides, the levels will gradually increase with more and more challenging tasks. Every time you defeat an enemy, you will receive diamonds, which you can use to unlock assassins with a nice outfit.

Download Hunter Assassin Mod Apk for Android

Many assassins

Hunter Assassin will provide lots of assassins with different costumes for you to choose from. The assassin’s looks will be refreshed to bring new experience to players. However, assassins will still only be capable of fighting melee. Moreover, Hunter Assassin offers players a premium package with some special assassin costumes. In particular, Ninja Assassin’s costume will be able to attack from afar.

VIP member

Hunter Assassin offers premium features with a VIP membership package. For $ 6.99 a week, players can get many exciting features. After becoming a VIP member, you can play Hunter Assassin without ads. Also, you can get 5000 diamonds and get 100% gems after every level. Also, gamers can receive the strongest costume Ninja Assassin. If you like this game, you can try VIP membership package to get what you want.

New design

Hunter Assassin has good enough graphics, which is very suitable to play. During the game, players can easily observe everything from the top-down perspective. Also, Hunter Assassin is optimized to the maximum to fit most mobile devices. The game will work smoothly, increasing the gaming experience for players.

Download Hunter Assassin Mod Apk for Android

Download Hunter Assassin Mod APK [VIP Unlocked] for Android

Hunter Assassin is a free game on the mobile store, which you can download simply. In this article, we also want to provide a special version with more advanced features for players. The download link will be at the end of this post. Please make sure your network connection is stable during the download process to avoid unexpected errors.


Overall, Hunter Assassin is a new interesting game. For better fealing, we share you with a Mod / Hack APK version. VIP member features will be unlocked in the Hunter Assassin Mod APK version. Please click the link below to be able to download the game. Do not forget to evaluate and share it if you find it good. Thanks and have fun!

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