AdventureOcean Is Home: Survival Island

Ocean Is Home MOD APK v3.4.5.0 (Unlimited Coins, gold)

Ocean Is Home: Survival Island
App Name Ocean Is Home: Survival Island
Latest Version v.
Last Updated
Publisher Birdy Dog Studio
Requirements Android 5.0 Android 5.0
Category Adventure Adventure
Size 76 MB
Mods Unlimited Coins, gold
Google Playstore

3.7 Rating (594) Votes

3.7 Rating (594 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Island survival simulator in an open world with building and crafting
    • Unlimited gold coins, you can't enter the game, please select the network to run!
    • Ads-Free


Dive into the captivating world of Ocean Is Home MOD APK, a survival game that easily becomes a source of addiction for players. This game seamlessly blends the thrill of survival with the joy of creating and designing your own virtual haven. As you navigate the challenges of island life, you’ll find an abundance of fun and excitement at every turn. From crafting essential tools to fashioning a beautiful home, the game unfolds into an immersive experience where every aspect contributes to your survival. The primary resource, stone, serves as the foundation for creating your world, including essential items like food and clothing. Once you step into the game, there’s no turning back, and you’re in for an enjoyable and enriching experience.

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Unveiling the Island Life

Ocean Is Home MOD APK presents players with a survival island game that offers unparalleled freedom and a wealth of experiences. Explore the vast island, encountering various challenges that demand your survival instincts. Initially released on Google Play in 2015 by Bird Dog Studio, this game has garnered a dedicated following due to its immersive gameplay and enjoyable features. The ocean is home survival, standing as one of the largest forest games, beckons players to face off against formidable animals and test their survival skills. The game’s intelligent design and high-quality graphics make it a favorite among players seeking both fun and excitement.


The gameplay of Ocean Is Home MOD APK on the survival island is not only fascinating but also rich with experiences. Your journey unfolds through different paths, offering a diverse range of landscapes and challenges. As night falls, animals emerge, making the night a time of heightened danger in the forest. Armed with essential weapons, you navigate through crafting items and weapons to ensure your safety on the island. Mastering the art of crafting is crucial as it enables you to create vital tools, including weapons for protection. The game emphasizes the significance of food, and players are tasked with crafting agricultural solutions to sustain themselves. The society of main villages serves as an agricultural hub, and creating fire becomes imperative for survival in this world. The game’s visuals showcase beautiful mountains, enchanting forest areas, and the allure of natural creations.

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Weapons of Survival

Ocean Is Home MOD APK introduces an array of tools and weapons essential for survival. From hammers and ropes to guns and plows, players have access to a versatile toolkit. Other tools like shovels, rakes, sickles, and more contribute to the immersive experience of the game. Understanding the functionality of each tool is crucial, especially in the early stages of the survival game. Fishing, water extraction, and various other features add depth to the gameplay. Finding food, crafting survival clothing, and navigating through the electric road and street-based challenges become part of your primary objectives in the game.

Intuitive Controls

Navigating the challenges of the survival island is made easier with the intuitive controls of Ocean Is Home MOD APK. The controls are straightforward, ensuring that players can easily understand and access them. Whether you are ready to face off against animals or strategically plan your survival, the simple controls allow for a seamless gaming experience. Your mastery over the machines, equipment, and weapons is pivotal, and the controls contribute to the overall accessibility of the game.

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Rewards Galore

In Ocean Is Home MOD APK, the game is structured around rewarding players for their achievements. Gold coins and diamonds serve as valuable rewards that can be utilized in various ways. Gold coins, in particular, play a crucial role in acquiring essential items such as clothing and weapons. The reward system extends to individual players, ensuring that their progress is duly recognized. As players strategically navigate the challenges of survival, the reward system enhances the sense of achievement and progression.

Mesmerizing Graphics

The game’s visual appeal is brought to life through basic graphic designs that enhance every aspect of the gameplay. Ocean Is Home MOD APK seamlessly integrates 2D and 3D animations, creating a visually stunning environment. The beautiful visuals include picturesque landscapes, vibrant animals, and captivating designs. The use of animation adds an extra layer of charm to the game, making it a visual treat for players. The mountains, forest areas, animals, birds, and herbs all come together to create a natural and enchanting backdrop. The graphics play a pivotal role in immersing players in the captivating world of the survival island.

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Conclusion Ocean Is Home MOD APK

In conclusion, Ocean Is Home MOD APK emerges as an exciting and immersive island survival game on the Android platform. Living the life on the island and mastering the art of survival becomes an engaging experience. The game introduces secret missions that add an element of mystery and reward players for their accomplishments. For those seeking unlimited resources and a heightened gaming experience, the MOD version provides unlimited gold and gems. Download the latest MOD version now from the Google Play Store on your mobile devices and embark on a thrilling adventure of survival, creativity, and achievement.

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  • In this update we have added a new island. The new island is not safe, so we recommend taking weapons and ammunition with you. We also fixed several technical problems.

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