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SD Maid MOD APK v5.6.3 (Pro Unlocked) for android

SD Maid 1 Pro - Unlocker
App Name SD Maid 1 Pro - Unlocker
Latest Version v.5.6.3
Last Updated
Publisher darken
Category Tools Tools
Size 5.35 MB
Mods Pro Unlocked
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4.5 Rating (646) Votes

4.5 Rating (646 Votes )
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A maid for your Android, to keep it clean & tidy.


In today’s digital age, where smartphones seamlessly integrate into our lives, these devices carry out a multitude of tasks that encompass various aspects of our daily routines. With smartphones functioning on numerous dimensions, each aspect operates independently, resulting in a plethora of features catering to specific functions. As our devices host pre-installed features and downloadable applications for various purposes, they accumulate junk files, viruses, and clutter, leading to performance issues such as lagging and hanging.

SD Maid MOD APK (1)

Enter SD Maid MOD APK, a comprehensive application designed to optimize the functionality of your entire device, providing paramount security and eliminating the nuisance of clutter. This tool empowers users to manage the intricacies of data storage and recovery efficiently. SD Maid allows users to customize and organize all application devices, functions, and features according to their preferences. Positioned as a file management app, it excels in deduplicating details and documents, ensuring that no data is lost. Offering a safeguard against lost files, SD Maid includes a data recovery mode, manages apps, eliminates junk files, and enhances overall device security.


The SD Maid MOD APK represents an alternative and enhanced version of the original application, introducing improvements to existing elements. While the original app is a paid version, the MOD APK offers all premium features and benefits at no cost, addressing the financial constraints of users. This modified version boasts a no-ads policy, blocking and removing all advertisements, ensuring a seamless experience. The MOD APK eliminates the need for rooting from external sources, incorporating antiban and antivirus properties for a secure device environment.

Control Your System Interface

SD Maid MOD APK provides users with top-notch controls, offering a centralized platform to manage every feature, function, and application in the device. Users can enjoy the luxury of controlling documents and media, organizing them into a structured storage system that distinguishes between essential and redundant items.

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Reduplication for Security

Ensuring the utmost security, SD Maid MOD APK duplicates necessary files and media, preventing any data loss. By transforming every essential file into duplicates, the application guarantees the preservation of files and facilitates recovery through multiple duplicates.

No Lost Files or Misplacement

Efficient management by SD Maid MOD APK safeguards files and media from loss or misplacement. The application’s control mechanisms, coupled with duplicate files, ensure the recovery of any lost data, providing users with peace of mind.

Deletion of Leftovers and Caches

Automatically removing leftover files and cache waste, SD Maid MOD APK enhances device performance. The app efficiently deletes residues, preventing system hanging and optimizing overall functionality.

Freedom from Residue Junks

SD Maid MOD APK is an exemplary system management application, optimizing the entire system by removing residue junks, caches, duplicated residues, and media junk. The app ensures a free and efficient system by automatically deleting redundant files and providing enhanced performance.

App Management at Its Best

SD Maid MOD APK takes control of all third-party and pre-installed applications, managing permissions, removing caches, junk files, and residues. It facilitates the addition or removal of elements from any application, offering users comprehensive control.

Additional Security Features

Providing ultimate security, SD Maid MOD APK enables users to apply passwords, patterns, fingerprints, or facial recognition to features or apps. This additional layer of security ensures privacy and protection against unauthorized access.

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Safe Folder for Confidential Files

SD Maid MOD APK offers secure folders for managing confidential files, ensuring the ultimate security of essential data. The app’s recovery capabilities and duplicate files provide a fail-safe mechanism for protecting critical information.

Conclusion SD Maid MOD APK

Download SD Maid MOD APK to optimize every function, feature, and application on your device using an unparalleled control mechanism. This application eliminates waste content, recovers important files, and ensures the utmost security for your data. In the MOD version, users gain access to multiple benefits, enjoying the features of the paid application without spending a penny. With no advertisements and a lag-free experience, the antiban feature and bug fixes further enhance the user experience. Take control of your device’s performance with SD Maid MOD APK.

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