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SpyHuman is a powerful application for tracking and monitoring Android devices. It allows users to know most of the information about the device including messages, calls, location… The developer provides a lot of advanced features, which were tested to ensure the best operation. SpyHuman has both free and advanced features In this article, we give you all the information about the app as well as provide the link to download SpyHuman Apk quickly and safely.

Download SpyHuman Apk for Android

How does SpyHuman work?

SpyHuman was developed by the technical team of Happy Chick Inc. It can only be installed on Android devices. This app does not require Root permission. SpyHuman helps users to track other people’s devices. This app collects the device’s regular activities and sends them to your SpyHuman account. You can easily read and know everything about other’s device. Besides, SpyHuman requires followers to install it on the device to be monitored like other applications.

The key features of SpyHuman – The best free mobile spy app.

  • Call Tracking: Conversations on the monitored device will be carefully recorded by SpyHuman. You will be able to see incoming calls, outgoing calls or listening to conversations. Also, other information related to the call is displayed very detailed such as time, contact information…
  • Track SMS messages: Similar to call tracking, the message tracking feature will also help you to be able to view every conversation on the messages of the monitored device. All information about the messages will also be recorded in detail and notified to you immediately.
  • Location tracking: Today, most mobile devices will activate GPS to use regular services such as Uber, order online… When the tracked device uses GPS, it also means you can know where the device is being tracked on specific maps.
  • Keep track of social networks: The explosion of social networks has made many people no longer loyal to traditional text messages. Instead, they will text directly on popular social networking accounts such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram… The conversations on social networks will be carefully recorded by SpyHuman.
  • Live recording: Today’s smartphones will always follow users in their conversations. They will often leave mobile devices nearby when chatting. You can use SpyHuman to activate the live recording feature and can listen to the ongoing conversation. This feature will be similar to spy-listening on high-end devices.
  • Data management: SpyHuman allows you to remotely manage files on the monitored device. Media files, images, files in memory, etc. can all be tracked in detail. If you want to download those files, you need an internet connection.
  • Limitation and control: SpyHuman will bring a powerful feature that is taking control of tracked devices. You can give some control over the monitored device to help prevent unauthorized activities.
  • Protection: You will receive a notification when the tracking device is changed the sim card. This feature makes it possible to detect the person, who wants to use another SIM card to avoid the follow-up of parents or others.

Download SpyHuman Apk for Android

How much does SpyHuman cost?

Currently, SpyHuman is offering two basic packages to serve all users. A free basic package and a Premium package:
Basic package: You can use the free application without having to pay. However, you will only be able to use the very basic free features such as call tracking, messages and a few other limited features.
Premium Package: You will need to pay to use the application for a fee of $ 9.99/Month. Besides, it will unlock all the features with unlimited use. You can comfortably track any Android device and any information from that device.

How to install SpyHuman APK for Android phones

Before proceeding to install SpyHuman APK, you need to prepare the following things:

  • You need to create a free SpyHuman account here: (https://cp.spyhuman.com/register)
  • You need to have access to the device that you want to monitor to be able to install the SpyHuman APK file.

After finishing the two steps above, you can download the SpyHuman APK file at the end of this article and proceed with the quick installation according to the instructions below:

1, Turn off Play Protect: Google will detect applications that are not secure and prevent installation. You need to turn it off by visiting Play Store – Select Play Protect – Turn off the “Scan device for security threats” section.

2, Settings the configuration for the application. You have to select the purpose of installing the application on the device.

3, Provide the necessary rights. In your device settings, you look for the following:

  • Location Services – select Secure Service – Activate this device administrator.
  • Notification access – Activate Secure Service.
  • Accessibility – Select Secure Service – Activate from Off to On.

4, Click the Secure Service file and select “Install” to automatically install. (Note: Application installation may require some other permissions. Please accept to start installing the app).

Download SpyHuman Apk for Android

How to get rid of SpyHuman tracking

There are several different ways to get out of SpyHuman’s monitoring. One of the easiest ways is to remove this app from your device. However, you need to find this app exactly on your device because the person who wants to track you may have hidden it with other apps. You can find it by downloading the Hidden Apps to your device to find it. Besides, you need to find an application called “Secure Service”. Next, you hold your finger on the application to activate the deleted selection. After that, the app will disappear from the device then you can reactivate Play Protect to protect the device.


SpyHuman is an effective application for tracking Android devices. It provides top-notch features that help users get the information they need. Many employers and parents are using SpyHuman to check employees and their children regularly. It helps to promote the work and control children’s phone activity properly. Please click the link below to download the app. Do not forget to visit our Blog regularly for more interesting apps and games! Thanks and have fun!

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