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Tanks are modern and dangerous weapons, which are often used in wars. They require a lot of people to manipulate and coordinate with each other smoothly. So far, the idea of ​​a tank game has also been exploited by many developers. Today, we would like to introduce to you a good game from the developer Playgendary called Tank Stars. This game brings epic battles with many advanced features. Also, it has had millions of positive reviews on Google Play. Please join us check it out right now!

Addictive gameplay

In the game Tank Stars, players will have the task of controlling a tank to fight with other players. You will be taken to different battle maps to show your talent. During the game, you can use the virtual keys on the screen of your phone to move the tank or control the firing direction. The principle of the match will be that each side will shoot one turn. The match will stop when one of the two sides is destroyed. During the game, you can adjust the tactics by moving the tanks to good positions or change the bullets to suit the terrain. After winning, you can receive rewards and the opportunity to receive valuable chests. Also, gamers should accumulate rewards to upgrade and unlock new tanks.

Download Draw Climber Mod Apk latest version for Android

Diverse game modes

Tank Stars also has many attractive game modes. First, you will need to have practice matches with the machine to get used to the gameplay. After reaching the required number of matches, you can unlock additional game modes such as playing with friends, tournaments… In each game mode, players will have many ways to win. But overall, your task is still to destroy the opponent.

Many tanks and weapons

In Tank Stars, there will be a variety of special tanks for you to choose from, most of which can be unlocked with gold. But there are also good tanks that you have to unlock them with cash. Each tank will have a different design in shape, color and type of ammunition. To play well, you don’t need a good tank but you should play a good vehicle.

Also, weapons are very important in battles. Each tank will use its ammunition. You should understand the principles and how the bullets work to apply them to specific situations. For example, the bullets that can spread will help you attack multiple targets; the bullets focus will have greater damage but need to be accurate. Tank Stars will also allow players to upgrade their tanks and weapons. By using the rewards you accumulate like money, gems and pieces, you can power up the things you want.

Download Draw Climber Mod Apk latest version for Android

Attractive design

Tank Stars has quality design, which brings unique epic style images. Players can experience the tanks with different designs and colors. Also, combat locations operate in a very special way with various types of landscapes and terrain. Besides, Tank Stars also brings many spectacular fire effects and live music to help the match more attractive.


Tank Stars is still an entertaining game with a very attractive war features. It is getting a lot of positive reviews from players all over the world. The features are also very diverse, making the battle much more exciting. In this article, we will bring you the game’s modified version named Tank Stars Mod/Hack APK for Android phones. Readers can download it at the link below. Thanks and have fun!

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