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1945 Classic Arcade Mod APK v9.37 [Free Shopping] Download

1945 Classic Arcade v9.37 [MOD, Free Shopping]

Download 1945 Classic Arcade Mod APK for Android

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1945 Classic Arcade (1945 Air Force/1945 Air Force) is an engaging mobile entertainment game, which is a classic version of the mobile shooter genre. Players will be able to participate in the air force in 1945. In the game, you can control many attractive aircraft to fight against enemies. 1945 Classic Arcade has a simple idea but interesting through unique gameplay, the beautiful design and many advanced features. In this article, we would like to give you all the information about the game as well as provide the link to download 1945 Classic Arcade Mod Apk for free on Android.

Download 1945 Classic Arcade Mod APK for Android

The gameplay

In 1945 Classic Arcade, players will control the classic aircraft to fight with many different enemies. The aircraft can automatically reload bullets so you only need to control it, target enemies and defeat them. They will also attack you with modern weapons so you need to be clever to dodge all of them. Whenever enemies die, you will see them drop gold coins, medals or some other items. You should collect them as rewards for your hard work.

Besides, 1945 Classic Arcade has a diverse aircraft and accessories collection. You can collect and change them as you like. Each type of machine will have different parameters. Also, they must use different types of bullets. Moreover, gamers can upgrade airplanes and accessories to increase power. The more you win, the more valuable things you will receive.

Download 1945 Classic Arcade Mod APK for Android

The key features of 1945 Classic Arcade

  • Diverse aircraft collection: 1945 Classic Arcade has dozens of special planes designed in a fascinating classic style. They are divided into clearly different levels. In each kind, they are sorted by strength through number of stars. The more stars the aircraft has, the more powerful it will be. You can get an overview by looking at the overall power index when clicking on each aircraft.
  • Hundreds of levels: In 1945 Classic Arcade, there were hundreds of different levels, which are divided into 3 levels including easy, medium and hard. Each Stage will require gamers to destroy a certain number of enemies to be able to win the game. Of course, the higher the screen is, the more difficult it will be.
  • Diverse strength: For 1945 Classic Arcade, the player can get many different power gains before and during combat. Those powers greatly improve the combat ability of the aircraft. It is like using an advanced technology such as bullet improvement, gun improvement, overclocking, spare gasoline, magnets, etc.
  • Interesting upgrades: 1945 Classic Arcade has a lot of interesting upgrades focused on aircraft and accessories. You will use gold to upgrade power points for the aircraft. When you upgrade these vehicle and equipment, you will be able to unlock some other special skills.
  • Equipment: In 1945 Classic Arcade, one of its interesting differences from many other aircraft shooting games is the equipment system like costumes (hats, gloves, shirts, shoes). Each of those equipment will add stats to make your aircraft stronger.
  • Quests and events: Every day, the game will provide a lot of tasks that require players to fight and collect. Completing these missions will give you lots of valuable rewards. Besides, the special events collecting medals will regularly take place for bringing gamers more gifts.
  • Ranking: Weekly rankings will be something that many people care about. These are interesting works that you can do weekly. You will compete with many other players for more amazing rewards and highest positionn on the ranking board.

Unique design

1945 Classic Arcade is featuring a great classic visual style. It is Pixel graphics combine with many fancy effects. 1945 Classic Arcade will not stand out compared to other games of the same genre but its advanced features are still very good. Besides, the sound is also relatively diverse with many gunshots and explosions. Also, the soundtrack of the game is lively, which makes players more excited.

Download 1945 Classic Arcade Mod APK for Android

Download and install 1945 Classic Arcade Mod APK [Free Shopping] for Android

1945 Classic Arcade is a free game, which makes money through in-game purchase. That has made ONESOFT developers more difficult to create the game. Now, you will need the 1945 Classic Arcade Mod APK version to be able to experience the game more interesting. You can download this revised version right here with the link at the end of this article. After that, please refer to the steps below to install the game:

  • Uninstall old version of 1945 Classic Arcade on your phone
  • Click on the downloaded APK file and select “Install” to install.
  • If you are installing apps for the first time using an APK file, your device may require permission to install files from unknown sources. At this point, you can access “Phone Setting” – Security – activate “Unknown Sources”.
  • Return to the installation interface and click “Install”.


1945 Classic Arcade is a unique and attractive game for players who love aerial battles. You can control the unique aircraft and participate in the epic fight. Besides, we would like to provide you with the modified version of the game with more advanced features, 1945 Classic Arcade Mod Apk. Readers can download the game at the link below. If you have any question about the game, please leave a comment below. Do not forget to rate and share this game if you find the game attracting. Thanks and have fun!

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