Minecraft Earth MOD APK v0.33.0 [Remove license/Patched]

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  • Update: May 14, 2022 at 22:03
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Minecraft is a familiar game for all players around the world, which has brought extremely addictive gameplay and interesting graphics to all players. After Mojang has franchised to Microsoft for $ 2.5 billion, Mojang’s games are now powered by Microsoft’s technology. Recently, Minecraft Earth has been introduced to players worldwide. With a new and interesting idea, it has created a new wave for games worldwide.

Minecraft Earth is built based on the power of reality. It is shown vividly through your phone lens, which is completely different from previous Minecraft-style games. You can see this technology through current games like Pokémon GO. Besides, Minecraft Earth was created with the latest AR technology. It is the trend of developers in recent years. Let’s check it out right below!

Download Minecraft Earth APK Beta for Android

What is AR technology?

For many people who do not know about AR technology, AR (Augmented Reality) is the latest technology currently developed for mobile games. The background of this technology is still virtual products as well as there are mechanisms and practices based on reality. It allows the integration of virtual information into the real world, which also helps players interact with real-world objects such as touching, covering, etc.

You may wonder that AR is different from VR (Virtual Reality) or not. The answer is “yes”. They differ on many factors such as definition, usage or use, etc. These two technologies have quite different applications. VR directs players to experience and explore. You can try to play Harry Potter: Wizards Unite to better understand. Instead, AR brings both real and virtual worlds. You can interact with both real and virtual worlds.

Attractive gameplay

The entire gameplay of Minecraft Earth revolves around four main points: creating, collecting, discovering and co-operating. These points will be relatively similar to previous Minecraft versions. However, this version is strongly supported by AR technology, in which you will see the world more visually and vividly. Besides, Minecraft Earth will force players to be more active in playing. You will go out and explore the world in your own way.


Minecraft Earth is always a creative game. Also, it gives you the opportunity to express yourself in a completely new way. You can share your masterpiece with many players. You can also go into other people’s creations to help them create super projects.


Minecraft Earth has a lot of modes that you know and love. In addition, you will see a lot of new mods added. In the future, you can also enjoy other unique variations.

Download Minecraft Earth APK Beta for Android


The world where you live is so rich that you have not yet discovered it. Minecraft Earth will also bring a new look to the world where you live. Even familiar places become more attractive. You will be very excited about discovering places worldwide.


You will no longer be alone in building but you can cooperate with other Minecraft Earth players. Everyone will contribute ideas and effort together. The joy that the game brings will be impossible to measure.

The attractive graphics

Minecraft Earth is still the familiar block model. However, the latest technology has partly changed that and made it more special. In this game, you will see images more realistic and sharper. Besides, you can observe them in 3D view through your phone lens.

In addition, players can create the work at any location and at any time. This will be able to cause many players to be immersed in this game for a long time. So you can prepare enough battery or phone charger to enjoy one of the most interesting games in the world.

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Download Minecraft Earth APK Beta for Android

How to download and install Minecraft Earth APK for Android phones

In this summer, Minecraft Earth has officially opened on mobile devices. You need to prepare a good enough mobile phone running Android OS 7 or higher. If your device is not running Android 7, you can update it now. Minecraft Earth APK will be shared at the end of this article. You can go to the end of the article to download it.

How to install Minecraft Earth Apk:

  1. Download the APK file of the game.
  2. Allow installation from unknown sources by going to phone settings – Security – Turn on “Unknown sources”.
  3. Click the APK file of the game and click “Install” so that the installation process automatically takes place.
  4. Wait for the game installation process to complete and enjoy it.


The world of Minecraft Earth is extremely special and fascinating. Millions of players around the world are waiting for playing this interesting game. This article will be used to introduce and update this game. If you are interested in it, follow this article to get more information about the game. The trial version will be released on Android phones this summer. If you are waiting for it, check the link below to download the game. Do not forget to visit our website regularly for more interesting games and apps! Thanks and have a fun game!

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