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DRAGON QUEST OF THE STARS is a famous RPG action game from Japan. It has sold nearly 100 million copies worldwide. After a long time of experimenting with the Japanese version in the Japanese market, the developer SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd. decided to bring it to the world with the English version. The mobile version is also an ongoing effort of the development team. In which, you will continue to explore the mysterious planet and fight with many monsters in this fascinating role-playing adventure game. For the purpose of connecting players with the most exciting games, we will provide links to download DRAGON QUEST OF THE STARS for free in this article. Please join us to check it right now!

Attractive gameplay

In DRAGON QUEST OF THE STARS, players got up on a beautiful beach on an alien planet where has similar living conditions to the earth. In the game, you will control a dragon warrior involved in the exploration of that planet. Players will be able to meet so many different companions. After that, you all form a strong team. Your enemies will be dangerous creatures. They will hinder your journey a lot. When you encounter these monsters, a fierce battle will break out. The turn-based match will take place. In which, each side will attack in turn. The match only stops when one of the sides is defeated. After winning, you will receive rewards. Besides, players can make purchases, upgrade characters as well as other companions.

Download DRAGON QUEST OF THE STARS Apk Mod for Android

The game mode

DRAGON QUEST OF THE STARS is a great adventure in the vast world. There, players can freely travel and explore new lands. However, many players will choose to play in the story mode to explore unique missions and get rewards. Besides, players can also participate in other multiplayer modes or tactical battles between two people. In which, you have to arrange the strongest squad to fight with other players.

Various upgrades

The dragon warriors in DRAGON QUEST OF THE STARS will be stronger if you are interested in developing them. You will collect items from fighting monsters or rewarding to equip characters and companions. There are many types of equipment that you need to consider such as amour, weapons, makes, rings… Moreover, you also need to consider the role and skills of the companions in battles. You have to focus on harnessing the power of your companions to support the battle.

Download DRAGON QUEST OF THE STARS Apk Mod for Android

Great design

The first thing that players see when starting DRAGON QUEST OF THE STARS is the professional character customization. You can choose the gender, skin color, hair, eyes and many different parts of the character’s body. The image of the characters is developed in the cute Chibi style. Also, the map is very wide with an entire planet. Moreover, you can zoom in/out to see everything clearly. The music will be more adventurous to increase the excitement for the player.


Overall, DRAGON QUEST OF THE STARS is a fascinating game, which brings many advanced features in terms of the story, gameplay, characters and more. At the moment, gamers can start downloading the global version of DRAGON QUEST OF THE STARS APK in English. In this article, we provide you with a link to download the game for free. Do not forget to leave a review and share this game if you find it interesting. Thanks and have fun!

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