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Path Of Exile Mobile
App Name Path Of Exile Mobile
Latest Version v.1.0
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Publisher Grinding Gear Games
Requirements Android 4.4 and up Android 4.4 and up
Category Role Playing Role Playing
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5 Rating (615) Votes

5 Rating (615 Votes )
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In recent years, the market for mobile games has grown rapidly. Many developers have gradually adapted to this race by bringing their games to the mobile platform. Many old games have made the gaming community crazy on the PC/Console. Surely, many players know the game Path Of Exile from Gri Gear Games. Now, the game reappears as Path Of Exile Mobile, which will make gamers excited. It will continue to bring players to an endless journey in the world of the most dangerous and scary monsters.

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Introducing Path Of Exile Mobile

The story

Wraeclast is a vast continent that was once the center of the mightiest empire. After that, it was cursed and became a haven for criminals and many of the most dangerous killers. In the game, players will become an exile, who floated to the coast of this island. You will face a lot of scary dangers. Your task is to discover many bloody secrets of the empire and Vaal civilization. Moreover, gamers have to try to survive.

The gameplay

Like the PC version, Path Of Exile Mobile allows players to control a single character and participate in many activities to explore the lands, dungeons, fight monsters and complete the missions. After finishing the task, you can receive the experience and money from NPC. Besides, you can select one of the 6 different classes, including Duelist, Marauder, Ranger, Shadow, Templar, Witch and Scion. Each of them will have many core attributes that make a difference from other character classes. You can pay attention to the typical attributes like strength, ingenuity and intelligence. Each character class will get a unique skillset. Also, gamers can gradually learn to know how each class of character works. Moreover, Path Of Exile Mobile also allows players to level up, collect equipment and gems. That makes the characters stronger in wars of resources.

In addition, Path Of Exile Mobile is a Fee-to-Play game. It is very different from many other action role-playing games on the market. This game will have no currency. The economy of the game depends on the exchange of “monetary items”. “Monetary items” have their unique uses, depending on their rarity and they will have different levels of exchange. Not making money will make this game prevent inflation. Most items will be used in a rotating manner.

Path Of Exile Mobile Apk Gameplay

The character

Path Of Exile Mobile provides seven different character classes. Each of them has different characteristics. Let’s find out about the available character classes before you start the game:

  • Marauder: Marauder is a character class with great power. He specializes in melee attacks with a large amount of blood and good defensive ability.
  • Ranger: Ranger uses a long-range weapon with the ability to dodge dangers very well.
  • Witch: Witch deals enormous amounts of damage and takes control of their opponents. But she is weak in defense and low blood.
  • Templar: This character class is a combination of strength and intelligence. He can use magic and good accessibility.
  • Shadow: This character class is a combination of ingenuity and intelligence. He takes down the opponent with a series of quick attacks. Also, he can set traps and mines to control the fight.
  • Duelist: Duelist is a combination of strength and dexterity. He has both close and long-range combat abilities.
  • Scion: This is a character class that combines strength, ingenuity and intelligence. She offers the flexibility of customizing all other character classes.

Skills and abilities system

Path Of Exile Mobile is a unique game with diverse character development. Players will have a massive skill system, which contains many attributes, attacks, defense abilities. Each character class will start at the part of this skill tree. Each character will have 100 skill points when reaching the maximum level. With such amount of points, players need to increase the skill points to balance the health, damage, mana and other character stats.

The ability system will be as complex as the skill system. Every item is designed with sockets of three colors: red, green and blue, corresponding to strength, dexterity and intelligence. You will use the gems with the same color to mosaic into the socket. Those gems will bring great abilities to the player. They will level up as you use them more, and can be boosted by support gems.


Path Of Exile Mobile is designed with modern technology on an impressive 3D platform. The game features dark colors similar to some role-playing action games of the same genre. However, this design is extremely suitable for exploring and fighting in a dark fantasy world. Also, the game offers a lot of beautiful effects.

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Download Path Of Exile Mobile APK for Android

Path Of Exile Mobile is a great game. If you are looking for an ARPG game or a game of spiritual succession of Diablo 2, Path Of Exile Mobile will be a perfect choice. You can access the link at the end of this article to dơnload the game. Thanks and have fun!

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