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Sky: Children of the Light APK v0.22.7 (229342)

Sky: Children of the Light
App Name Sky: Children of the Light
Latest Version v.0.22.7 (229342)
Last Updated
Publisher thatgamecompany inc
Requirements Android 4.4 and up Android 4.4 and up
Category Role Playing Role Playing
Size 1.62G
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5 Rating (202) Votes

5 Rating (202 Votes )
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Sky: Children of the Light is a great adventure role-playing game. This game is developed by a professional team from Thatgamecompany developer. This is an American game developer founded in 2006. They have been very famous for the game Journey (2012), which won VGX Award for Best PS3 Game. Thatgamecompany saw the explosion of mobile games so they began to expand the market by developing more games for Android phones. Their first Android game is Sky: Children of the Light. In the game, the players’ task is to rescue the remaining souls, which were suspended in the form of the bubble in the deserted kingdoms. Besides, the game has unique gameplay, great graphics and many advanced features. In this article, we would like to give you all the information about Sky: Children of the Light as well as provide the link to download it for free. Let’s find it out right now!

Sky Children Of The Light Apk Download

Introducing Sky: Children of the Light

The discovery gameplay

Sky: Children of the Light brings an infinite sense of freedom because of its simplicity. The game’s instructions about missions and game modes will almost disappear. You will immerse in the adventure on the clouds and across the fairylands. Many unique creatures randomly appear among worlds bring pain and despair, but your character will still bounce with melodious music. Besides, the story-based gameplay is worth to experience in Sky: Children of the Light. You will meet characters and have conversations about difficult missions to save the land. When you choose story-based gameplay, you will know exactly what to do with the missions as well as where to fight.

In addition, Sky: Children of the Light allows players to move around with basic controls on the screen. Sometimes, these controls can be more complicated, requiring a combination of different keys. Sky: Children of the Light has lots of interesting techniques related to each region and terrain. For example, you will speed up if jumping on the grass; you will slide on the ground with high speed when jumping from the hill. In the game, you will not be able to chat by voice or text. All communication of the game will be expressed through actions and gestures. You can use the candles as a friend symbol. Also, you can place names for those players. Moreover, gamers can also join them to form a team of up to 8 people to complete the missions and explore the lands.

Sky Children Of The Light Apk Gameplay

The mission

Sky: Children of the Light will have 6 spirits for you to meet. Each will have unique tasks and stories. Your goal in each season is to help the tourists find their way home. You can then bring them candles to complete the constellation and unlock rewards.

The daily mission

Before starting to search for hidden souls, you need to make sure you have accepted the daily task. Each day opens daily seasonal tasks. After completing that task, you will receive seasonal candles. If you have an Adventure Pass, two seasonal daily newspapers will open for you. There will be 4 types of missions that appear every day:

  • Social mission: Encourage players to interact with other players.
  • Meditation mission: Challenge the player to find a temple and leave a thank.
  • Ecological mission: Requires players to explore and interact with the environment.
  • Spirit Mission: Challenge the player to find a Spirit in each land.

Seasonal soul

A soul will be hidden in the land of 6 kingdoms. Players seek them to get knowledge and wisdom from them. When you find spirits, you will understand their story, as well as, the soul will teach you their expressions. Besides, you have to return souls to the temple at the end of the stage to bring them to the stars. Constellations will appear on the ceiling of the temple. Each soul’s constellation will bring happiness and outfits to unlock.

Temple of gratitude

According to science, gratitude will make people happier. The quest to find the temple of gratitude in Sky: Children of the Light will also make players happy. You can go to the temples to meditate and leave a thank to others. Besides, the temple of gratitude will be placed in the same land with other daily tasks. It will be in a perfect place for players to feel the standstill and relaxation. From three or more “like” for the thank, it will be displayed to other players. If you get more than 10 people like it, you will receive a heart.

Seasonal candles

You should pay attention to the seasonal candles hidden in the lands. When you light up all 4 candles, you will get a free candle without Adventure Pass. If you have an Adventure Pass, you can get a free candle at the central temple of the land. If you need more candles, you can buy them in the store.

Sky Children Of The Light Apk Android

The gifts

In Sky: Children of the Light, you may get the most valuable gift. It is regulated just like the currency in other games. For this game, the currency will be the candles. However, the game has many different types. You can find more information about them below:

  • Candles: This is the basic currency in sky land. You can get them by collecting light.
  • Heart: Heart is another currency of Sky ecosystem, which you can get by getting many “likes” from friends.
  • Ascended candle: This is the most precious coin in the game. It will be given to the player who protects Winged light from the storm.
  • Season Candle: A currency for unlocking seasonal items. Gamers can get them by completing daily quests.

The graphics

Sky: Children of the Light has beautiful 3D graphics. If you have ever watched a game introduction video, you would be surprised. Besides, Sky: Children of the Light has a lot of quality images, beautiful effects, high-quality music and lots of other attractions. Also, this game has brought a more intuitive view of the mobile world. It will be the most memorable experience of adventure.

Download Sky: Children of the Light APK for android

Sky: Children of the Light is a sequel to the game Journey. It is more amazing with the great investment from developer Thatgamecompany. With a lot of interesting features in terms of the gameplay, missions… As I mentioned above, this game promises to bring great attraction in the near future. Please follow our article to update more information about the game as well as the latest version on Android phone. Thanks and have fun!

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