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Teamfight Tactics: League of Legends Strategy Game (TFT Mobile) is a sequel to the League of legends universe. It has built on the gameplay of the original Auto Chess game. In early 2019, the wave of Auto Chess broke out, causing many gamers in the world to be interested in. Many interesting games have been launched by famous developers such as Valve, Drodo with the game DOTA Underlords or Auto Chess Mobile. Teamfight Tactics Mobile is a great game that was released later. But it perfectly recreated the PC version that made the fans of League of legends expected. In this article, we would like to give you all the information about the game. Let’s check it out right now!

Download Teamfight Tactics Mobile Apk obb for Android

Attractive gameplay

Teamfight Tactics Mobile will bring you familiar heroes that you have met in League of legends. It may not be full of champions right now, but you will still be able to experience engaging gameplay around those champions. In Teamfight Tactics Mobile, your task is to collect generals. After that, you can form a squad consisting of many different systems. Each system will have a unique power.

Each player will have 100 points before starting the fight. The game’s system will automatically pair you with other players to fight. You can watch your match with your opponents to come up with strategies to help organize your squad to win the following rounds. After each win, you will deduct some points equivalent to the number of generals still on the battlefield. After each win, the player can receive coins. You can accumulate coin to buy generals.

Besides, players can level up to place new generals. You can only reach a maximum of level 9. Also, you can increase the stars of the generals by matching the same generals. For every 3 same generals, you can create a stronger champion with better stats. In addition to the players, you may also encounter monsters or dragons. They will give you different pieces or equipment depending on your luck.

Download Teamfight Tactics Mobile Apk obb for Android

Diverse squad

Teamfight Tactics Mobile offers many different squads with unique generals. They will be able to continue to grow in new directions, but I would like to introduce some basic squads below:

  • Void: This is a team capable of dealing true damage to enemies. The more champions you collect, the greater the chance of dealing the accurate damage.
  • Brawler: This is a team with a lot of blood. The generals will gain a percentage of blood enhancement if you collect all the sets.
  • Assassin: This squad will be all generals with great damage and critical attacks. In the game, the damage from this formation will be terrible if you collect 6 assassins.
  • Ninja: Ninja is also a team with great damage. The generals are all members of the Ninja clan. You only need 1 general of this system that the game will activate immediately. But you will need 4 generals if want to activate maximum damage.
  • Wild: This is the team that provides the attack speed for the generals. The generals in this squad will be able to increase their attack speed. If you collect the full squad, it will speed up the whole team.
  • Ranger: Ranger squad has the opportunity to double the attack speed. Owning 2 units will have a 25% chance, owning 4 units will increase a 65% chance.
  • Demon: This squad is capable of draining enemy mana, which will help your squad to limit the opponent launching skills.
  • Imperial: This formation will help team members double the damage. When you have enough heroes, all champions will double the damage.
  • Guardian: This squad helps you improve the defence. It can increase extremely strong armour for the surrounding generals.
  • Elementalist: This is a pretty special squad in Teamfight Tactics Mobile. Players can call out a giant Golem to help you fight against the opponent.
  • Yordle: This is a squad of short generals. When you combine them, they will create the ability to dodge attacks.
  • Sorcerer: The Sorcerer team provides strong ability in damage of skills. After collecting all 6 witches, your entire team will be added 100% of the skill damage.
  • Shapeshifter: This is a pretty special squad with champions capable of transformation. When transformed, this squad will use strong skills and greatly increase health.
  • Knight: This is a highly evaluated squad with the ability to block damage from enemies.
  • Blademasters: The Blademasters squad will have the ability to increase the attack for team members.
  • Gunslinger: This is a squad capable of giving champions the ability to shoot more targets at once.
  • Glacial: This formation can freeze enemies.
  • Exile: Currently, this team has only one champion, Yasuo. With the ability to create a large armour layer, it gives good resistance.
  • Technology: This team is a counter for fortunate players. With the ability to lock the opponent’s team, it helps you easily win the game.
  • Noble: Noble gains 100 additional armour and heals 35 HP for each attack. With 3 units, 1 Noble unit has an effect at the start of the match. With 6 units, all teammates will receive the effect.
  • Pirate: Own 3 units will receive randomly from 0 to 4 gold after the end of each match with other players.
  • Phantom: Possessing 2 units will curse random opponents when the match starts. The cursed champion’s HP will be reduced to 100.
  • Robot: Robot starts the match with full power tank. It will use the skill immediately. Currently, Blitzcrank is the only general of this squad.

Unique generals

Teamfight Tactics Mobile offers many unique champions. Those generals are well-simulated. However, they will be an incomplete version. Each champion will use only one selected skill. Sometimes, these can be powerful ultimates or just conventional moves. There will be a number of generals who have emulated strong moves that can carry a very strong team. You should choose a key hero for your team, who can lead your squad to victory.

Download Teamfight Tactics Mobile Apk obb for Android

Interesting equipment

For those who are familiar with League of legends, you may find that the equipment is made up of small pieces. In Teamfight Tactics Mobile, it will be the same. However, the way the equipment is paired will changes. Players will not be able to apply matching knowledge from League of legends. You will need to have a separate study about the equipment and its stats. Besides, you can refer to some helpful articles on the internet about how to match items or which champion is best suited. If you don’t have time to learn about equipment, you can drag pieces of equipment and place them on top of each other to show the paired equipment. You can read the stats that the item adds to and make your decision.

Impressive design

Teamfight Tactics Mobile is a beautifully designed game. Detailed simulation game of famous generals. In addition, the skills are also designed meticulously with great effects. From there, your matches become much more spectacular. Moreover, it allows you to play against players on other devices like PC and Mac. It means that this game is cross-platform development, which definitely makes gamers more excited.


Teamfight Tactics Mobile is an engaging game. This is a shortened version of Teamfight Tactics in the League of legends. It provides gamers with diverse and unique tactics that require the players’ thinking and creativity. If you are interested in this game, please follow our article to quickly update to the latest versions of the game. Do not forget to visit our website regularly for more interesting games and apps! Thanks and have fun!

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