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Auto Chess
App Name Auto Chess
Latest Version v.2.21.2
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Publisher Dragonest Games
Requirements Android 4.4 and up Android 4.4 and up
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5 Rating (76) Votes

5 Rating (76 Votes )
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Auto Chess Mobile is a unique game, which is loved by many players worldwide. It was designed with very creative ideas about controlling the chess pieces to fight. This game promises to have a bright future comparable to the current Battle Royale games. Also, Auto Chess Mobile has created a craze around the world with great tactical gameplay, beautiful graphics and many attractive features. That has led many manufacturers to create such games to attract more players.

However, Auto Chess Mobile has been one of the most downloaded games in the app stores since early 2019. The best mobile version of the game is from Drodo producer. This game will no longer carry any form of DOTA 2 because Drodo did not choose Valve as the main partner in the mobile version. In this article, I will provide you with interesting information around this game. Furthermore, I will share a link for you to download the latest and official Auto Chess Mobile version from the Drodo manufacturer for free. Let’s check it out right now!

Auto Chess Mobile APK Download

Introducing Auto Chess

The great tactical gameplay

In a match of Auto Chess Mobile, there are 8 different players that are similar to Dota Auto Chess. You will still see a familiar chessboard (8 x 8). During each turn, the system will show you 5 random generals for you to choose from and use. If you want a general, you just drag them down to the tables at the bottom of the screen. In the new turn, you can click on the rotate icon to randomly change the new character. Once you have selected the general, you can drag and drop them on the board. Besides, you can click on them to see the general’s information. With every turn, you can collect some items and equipment as well as click on the armour icon on the right of the screen to check and equip your heroes.

In addition, the player’s main task is to collect the favourite generals or strong generals then develop them by levelling up, equipping them with the strong items… It will help your character have enough strength to fight with other players. Besides, you can continuously use the money to buy and sell the generals. In the battles, each player will have 100 units of blood. After every battle, that amount of blood will gradually decrease. When the blood runs out, you have to stop the game. In this game, the strategy will be the deciding factor for your victory and rankings in the battles. It will be trained during your game. Therefore, you should practise more to become a top player.

Auto Chess Mobile APK Gameplay

Many special heroes

Auto Chess Mobile offers many special heroes. You will need to learn thoroughly in order to coordinate them smoothly and activate hidden attributes when collecting enough heroes. The following are the heroes that Auto Chess Mobile offer to you:

  • Human: These are ancient aborigines on the Earth. They have the ability to master energy elements. Humans have the ability to silence enemies. Human’s strength is well-controlled.
  • Feathered: This is an agile race which has the ability to dodge the enemy attacks. Its strength is the huge amount of blood.
  • Demon: This race is representative of crime. They do not have any feelings for other creatures, even in the same army. When there is only one Demon on the map, it will be put 50% more damage. The main strength is great damage.
  • Goblin: These are wise creatures but have a timid personality. As the number of goblins increases, they will increase blood and armour. Their strength is great damage.
  • Beast: These are very primitive and killing creatures. As their number increases, the attack power will also increase significantly. Beast is also similar to Human with good control and damage.
  • Cave Clan: This is a race of defence. As the number of Cave Clan on the map increases, their blood will be greatly increased. Their strengths are defence and creating damage.
  • Marine: These are mysterious sea creatures. They will be able to interact strongly with the deep sea. As the number of races increases, the ability to control and attack also increases.
  • Egersis: This is a special race with self-awareness. Most of these creatures are evil. Their power comes mainly from souls. Their strengths are great damage and a huge amount of blood.
  • Glacier Clan: This race is originating from the Gork mountain. It is strong and does not fear cold. As the number of races increases, the attack speed is increased. The main strength is great damage and control ability.
  • Dragon: This is the oldest creature, which is powerful that can control most types of supernatural abilities. The strong point of Dragon is the attack and a large amount of blood.
  • Kira: Kira a greedy and lazy person. He is a brutal human eater, who is strong and good at melee combat. Especially, he can make his size increase rapidly through special abilities.
  • Spirits: This is an aboriginal of the ancient continent. They are extremely violent and unstable. They will attack anything that causes an imbalance of the world. When their number increases, the opponent will fall into a weak state because of melee attacks from Spirits.
  • Dwarf: Dwarfs are deep in the ground. They are very stubborn, like drinking and good at Smith. They are the people who created antiquities on the ground. Dwarves have the ability to increase the attack distance by 2 more cells. Their strength is the huge damage.

Auto Chess Mobile APK Hero

Download Auto Chess Mobile APK on Android

Auto Chess Mobile is a new and exciting game, which promises to be the most searched and downloaded game in the near future. It will surely have big tournaments like the current Esport games. Please click the link below to download and enjoy the game. If you have any question about the game, please leave a comment below. Do not forget to visit our website regularly for more interesting games and apps! Thanks and have a fun game!

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